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PCI/Fibre Controller Features 2-Gb Data Rate

Touted as the industry's first dual-channel PCI-to-Fibre Channel controller providing data rates up to 2 Gb/channel, the SYMFC929 controller supports IP and all Fibre Channel topologies with full-duplex communications on both channels. Both channels provide independent autonegotiation, allowing for the separation of legacy and next generation devices. The device eliminates the need for a PCI bridge, a second single-channel Fibre-Channel controller, and associated memory. All system-interface and dual-channel functionality is controlled via an ARM RISC processor. A 32-bit memory controller provides access to flash ROM and 32-bit SRAM and supports both interleaved and non-interleaved configurations up to a maximum of 2 MB of SRAM. A general-purpose, memory-expansion bus supports up to 1 MB of flash ROM. The device has the capability to perform simplified BER testing on the link. In a diagnostic-test mode, the controller can transmit and verify pre-programmed data patterns for link evaluation. Two host adapter boards, the SYM44929LH for copper connections and the SYM44929LO for optical connections, are available.


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