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PCI/PCI-X Card Accelerates Network Security

Designed to eliminate the bottleneck of network traffic caused by VPNs, gateways, secure routers, and firewalls, the 5585 PCI/PCI-X network security acceleration adapter supports Gigabit security applications and is expected to offer a 25x performance boost compared to software-only approaches. The board employs a Hifn 8155 security processor to accelerate processing security algorithms that include DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA-1, RC4, and AES. It also provides encryption protocol support for 192- and 256-bit 3DES keys and 256-bit AES (wide key AES) keys. Other features include a 64-bit/133-MHz PCI/PCI-X bus with universal signaling, 128 MB of private memory for security session data and parameter storage, and support for OC-12 rates and up to 500,000 simultaneous sessions. INTERPHASE CORP., Plano, TX. (214) 965-9933.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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