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Pen Technology Now Sits On One Chip

The company?s well-known inductive pen sensing technology has been integrated within a single mobile device, the W8002 mixed-signal IC. This development will allow deployment of the technology on mobile devices, such as smart phones and personal digital assistants. A single implementation includes the W8002 embedded sensor and an ultra-slim cordless and battery-free pen. Features include application zooming, flight point feature (touch-free operation), and digital signature recognition. It also allows the manipulation of different applications and the ability to switch smoothly between them. The device is available in either a 64- or 84-pin BGA package, depending on the sensor board size and the form factor of the display. Operating temperature range is from ?30°C to + 85°C. WACOM TECHNOLOGY CORP., Vancouver, WA. (800) 922-9348.


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