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Pentium 4 32-Mbyte SBC Supports Graphics, Dual LANs

The SBC-9782 single-board computer (SBC) bundles a Pentium 4 processor with a 32-Mbyte graphics processor. This module features support for dual high-speed LANs. A PCI-to-ISA bridge has been included so that existing applications systems can be upgraded with the new processing power and graphics. Also, this SBC provides a Socket-478 base for Pentium processors up to 2.0 GHz. It is supported by an Intel 845S chip set, two DIMM sockets for up to 2 Gbytes of SDRAM, and an onboard Type II connector for a Compact Flash or an IBM Micro Drive. A built-in 256-bit 3D engine is included, as is an on-board MPEG 2/1 video decoder for VCDs, DVDs, and HDTVs. The SBC has an ATX power connector for standalone system applications. Dual 10/100BT Mbit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet LAN connectors suit this SBC for complex process control applications and emergency shutdown systems. The full-size board also includes an audio codec and connectors for the speaker, a VGA display, a parallel port, a PS/2 port, and two serial ports. Delivery is from stock for a bare board and up to two weeks for boards with CPU and memory. In OEM quantities, pricing begins at $485 for a base system.

Broadax Systems Inc.
www.bsicomputer.com; (800) 872-4547

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