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Pentium-Based CPU Module Powers Embedded Systems

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Through its use of Intel’s BGA-packaged Mobile Pentium Processor with MMX technology (Tillamook), the CoreModule/P5e embodies a “macrocomponent” for developers seeking to embed Pentium processing power into their applications. The module brings 266-MHz performance to the table while dissipating minimal heat and supporting extended temperature range operation. The CoreModule/P5e fully complies with the PC/104-Plus specification and takes advantage of that standard’s expansion capabilities using off-the-shelf modules or custom, application-specific circuitry by means of its PCI and ISA bus interfaces.The high-end CPU module contains all the functions of a fully configured PCI-based, PC-compatible system. Included are the latest disk controllers, two FIFO-buffered serial ports, an enhanced capabilities port, PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces, two USB ports, an IrDA port, and a built in DiskOnChip2000 flash disk drive. An efficient dc-to-dc converter supplying the special voltage requirements of the Mobile Pentium Processor and its core logic is built into the module for single 5 vdc operation and minimal power consumption. CPU speed options are 166 MHz and 266 MHz.

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