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Pentium CPU VME Board Offers Mezzanine Sites

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Based on Intel's Pentium CPU, VMOD-P5 for embedded applications features the MODULbus mezzanine concept so it can be equipped with modules from a multitude of existing solutions, allowing the VMOD-P5 to be used as an intelligent I/O controller for analog, digital or fieldbus connections. Due to the VMEbus connection, the modules can be used for scalable high-performance applications. The VMOD-P5 supports socket 7 processors, such as Intel's Pentium, Intel's MMX, AMD'S K6/3 containing a CPU clock speed of up to 400 MHz. The main memory is extended up to 128 MB with full L2 cache support. The VMOD-P5 can be equipped with up to 2 MB boot flash to store an operating system and/or an application. Two serial interfaces are available at the front panel to connect the console or to transfer data.

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