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Pentium MMX Card Has Half-Size Form Factor

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An all-in-one half-size Pentium MMX CPU card with VGA/LCD, Ethernet and SSD, PCA-6751 offers an all Intel chipset combination that offers low power and fanless operation for temperatures up to 60° C. Frequency choice is 166 or 266 MHz, and board includes Intel's 430TX chipset, Intel 100BaseT Ethernet chip and Intel VGA/LCD chip with 2 MB video RAM on chip. This all-Intel embedded solution is important because Intel guarantees the supply for several years so users need not worry about phased out supply of boards. The SSD socket for Compact Flash Disks range from 4 to 40 MB. Optionally, a 10 MB Compact Flash Disk is offered preloaded with Windows CE v2.1.

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