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Pentium-Powered SBC Has Built-In Frame Grabber

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Applications ranging from surveillance to machine vision systems are being targeted by what is said to be the first single-board computer (SBC) with built-in frame grabber. And in addition to the 4-channel frame grabber and to being powered by a Pentium 233 MMX processor, the 1101 SBC also boasts of having on-board 32 MB of RAM, IDE and floppy interfaces, PC/104 and PC/104+ extension buses, two serial ports, one parallel port, a 10BaseT Ethernet interface, and keyboard and mouse ports. And two options can further extend the board's extensive functionality: a 56K modem and a solid-state flash disk--with a 32-pin socket, up to 144 MB of flash can be added to the SBC.
The 1101 single-board computer can be purchased separately for $683 each/100+, or as part of a complete, 1101 system costing about $1222 each/100+. The system includes a 1101TB companion board with a hard drive and an ac power supply, a PC/104+ high-speed video display adapter, and an enclosure.
Frame grabber drivers and a software development kit (SDK ) are available for Windows 95/98, NT and 2000, as well as DOS and Linux--the SDK includes a C-language sample program that allows color and monochrome images to be captured and saved.

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