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Pentium SBC Comes In Half-Size Format

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The VIPer825 is a Pentium-based, half-sized single-board computer for OEMs and system integrators. Backward compatible with the company's earlier 486-based VIPer805 board, the VIPer825 features MMX technology, a 512-kbyte L2 cache, up to 256 Mbytes of EDO or FPM memory, PCI EIDE and CompactFlash disk support, serial/parallel ports, keyboard and mouse interfaces, and a floppy interface.The board's PC/104-Plus expansion header provides access to ISA and PCI bus PC/104 peripheral modules such as LAN and video controllers. Also on the board is an Award BIOS in boot-block flash with emergency recovery code. The unit supports keyboardless, diskless or displayless operation.

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