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Peripheral Board Adds Intelligent I/O To cPCI Systems

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Claimed as the industry’s first peripheral board for CompactPCI systems that easily implements intelligent I/O, the F4 is designed to support PowerPC MPC8240 or 8245 processors rated up to 350 MHz. The 3U card has an intelligent I2O message unit controlled by the PCI bridge that allows it to act as an intelligent I/O processor. It can act as either a master or slave and, in the slave mode, supports hot swapping.
Other features of the I/O processor board include a 32-bit local PCI bus, support for up to 256 MB of SDRAM, two 16550-compatible serial interfaces with optional optical isolation, mouse, keyboard and monitor interfaces, and IDE and USB interfaces. Support packages are available for both VxWorks and Linux operating systems. The board id designed to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications and is capable of withstanding temperature extremes, shock, vibration, harsh chemicals and humidity. Single-unit price starts at $899.

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