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Electronic Design

Peripheral-Rich SBC Tackles PC/104 Plus

The Micro/sys SBC0489 single-board computer (SBC) packs a litany of devices in its 5- by 5-in. area. The PC/104-Plus-compatible motherboard can be stacked on top or below expansion cards. It runs a 133-MHz STMicroelectronics STPC Atlas x86-compatible processor with up to 512 kbytes of battery-backed-up RAM. Its 64-bit memory access bus handles high-performance applications. Communication peripherals include a 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two serial ports, a 24-bit parallel port, and PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. It also contains an IDE controller, a floppy controller, an eight-channel ADC, a four-channel DAC, and a socket for a DiskOnChip flash device. There's a VGA, flat-panel, and 8-by-8 matrix touchscreen interface as well. Pricing starts at $595.

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