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PFC Controller ICs Meet Regs For Low Standby Power

Two critical conduction mode, power factor correction (PFC) controller ICs are specially designed to meet the stringent demands of standby power and harmonic regulations affecting ballasts, notebook adapters, and LCD TVs and monitors. The FAN7529 and FAN7530 from Fairchild Semiconductor use a patent-pending variable on-time control method to achieve total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 10% at a 25% load at 265 Vac. So when creating four lamp ballasts, a designer can ensure THD of less than 10% even if only one lamp is turned on. The highly integrated controllers reduce parts count and system costs compared to both passive solutions and similar controllers on the market.

The devices easily meet stand-by power regulations by reducing input-voltage sensing loss to approximately 100 mW. Instead of using a conventional current mode, which requires rectified ac-line voltage information even when the PFC IC does not operate, the FAN7529 and FAN7530 employ an internal voltage-mode PWM method. The result is a reduction in overall power loss by approximately 200 mW. Additionally, a disable function further reduces power consumption during standby mode, and the use of current-type error amplifiers allows the use of an output-voltage-sensing resistor over 1 MΩ, further reducing power loss. Both devices are lead-free and are available in DIP-8 or SOP-8 packages.


Samples of the FAN7529 and FAN7530 power factor correction controllers and a demo board are available now. Delivery is eight weeks after receipt of an order.


In 1000-piece quantities, the FAN7529 costs $0.70 each and the FAN7530 costs $0.64 each.


Visit www.fairchildsemi.com.

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