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PHEMT Process Yields Quiet, Highly Linear SOT-343 FETs

A 0.5-dB noise figure, +14-dBm IP3 point, and 17.5 dB gain at 2 GHz (4V at 60 mA) are features of the ATF-34143, a GaAs FET produced on the company's latest PHEMT process. Though optimized for applications in low-noise amplifiers for 0.9 to 2.5 GHz cellular base stations, the devices have many uses over a frequency range extending from 450 MHz to 10 GHz. The transistors come in the 2 mm x 2 mm SOT-343 SMT plastic package. They offer exceptionally tight RF and dc parameter distribution. For example, the 6-sigma spread for noise figure at 2 GHz is just 0.2 dB; gain variation is less than 1 dB. Demo boards, application notes and characterization data at 2V and 4V are available at the firm's web site.

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