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Photodetector/Transimpedance Amp Offers Easy Alignment

High responsivity, sensitivity and large optical active area are features of the VSC7809, a wide-band, 3.3V integrated photodetector and transimpedance amplifier. The device's large 100-µm diameter optically active area allows for easy alignment and is suited for demanding applications in small form-factor optoelectronic modules.The device's wide bandwidth allows for operation at 1 Gb/s or 1.25 Gb/s, which makes them compliant with either Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet applications. In addition, the device integrates both the optical detection and amplifying functions on the same IC, reducing overall board space requirements. The functional integration also improves system reliability and manufacturing yield. A single 3.3V supply is required for the device, which is housed in a TO-46 package with either a flat window or a ball lens. It's also offered in bare-die form.


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