Electronic Design

PIC In Practice, 2nd Edition

By D.W. SmithISBN: 0-7506-6826-1

PIC microcontrollers are one of the mainstays in the 8-bit application space, so getting one up and running quickly can be very handy for an embedded developer. This is just what PIC In Practice does. It has schematics, source code and a good coverage of the application for each example.

The primary target of the projects is Microchip's PIC16 series of microcontrollers. It also addresses the latest PIC12 8-pin microcontrollers as well as the PIC 16F87X and 16F62X series.

The chapters cover the basics like blinking LEDs and move onto keyboard input and LCD output. Most topics are covered including ADC support found in the 16F818 and EEPROM support. The chapter covering a simple radio receiver/transmitter is a useful way to show bit banging serial IO.

The book does assume availability of the Microchip tools that are a free download from Microchip's website. The coverage of the PIC architecture is minimal so you will need to at least look at the PIC documentation available on Microchip's website as well. If you are already familiar with the PIC then this book will be an easy and useful read.

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