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PICMG-Compliant SBC Sports High Integration

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Boasting what's claimed as the highest integration in a PICMG-compliant CPU board, the Electron is a 500-MHz Pentium II single-board computer based on the latest Intel 440BX chipset with a 100-MHz external clock. On-board features include Ultra SCSI-II, AGP 3D graphics, 10/100Base-T Ethernet and audio. The board also features a flush-mounting, single edge-connector processor, which enables the use of all the expansion slots on PICMG passive backplanes. Up to 256 Mbytes SDRAM and 512 kbytes internal Level II cache is supported along with flash options of up to 72 Mbytes using M-Systems's DiskOnChip plug-in modules. The board also supports up to four EIDE devices, dual floppy disk drives, dual USB, two serial ports and one parallel port.

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