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Picture This: A PCI Express Image-Acquisition Board

Designed for Camera Link cameras, the NI PCIe-1429 PCI Express-based image-acquisition board specifically targets high-throughput vision applications like synchronized data and image acquisition, fault analysis, and advanced motion tracking. Designed by National Instruments, this board permits high-speed data to be acquired indefinitely through a standard PC bus.

Each NI PCIe-1429 board includes one trigger line and two Camera Link connectors to support any base-, medium-, or full-configuration Camera Link camera. Additional I/O lines for advanced triggering, pulse-train outputs, and isolated digital I/O are available.

With the board's four-lane PCI Express configuration, engineers and scientists using the NI PCIe-1429 can acquire images at the full Camera Link bandwidth of 680 Mbytes/s. In addition, they can synchronize other data-acquisition measurements with each acquired image to analyze activities frame-by-frame in data-intensive applications (e.g., crash tests).

The NI PCIe-1429 image-acquisition board suits many industrial, life-sciences, and biomedical applications. It's priced from $2495, and it will be available next month.

National Instruments
(888) 280-7645

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