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Piezo Accelerometer Touted As Industry's Smallest

Designed to measure vibration on miniature objects, such as scaled models, circuit boards, and disk drives, the Model 22 Picomin is reported as being the industry's smallest piezoelectric accelerometer. The device weighs just 0.14g and employs the company's Piezite type P-8 crystal element - the element operates in radial sheer mode, which is said to exhibit reliable sensitivity stability over time. Signal ground is isolated from the accelerometer's mounting surface by an anodized surface. A low-noise coaxial cable is included, as well as a stripping tool to ensure proper removal of the cable and transducer. In addition, the device is self-generating and reccommended for use with the company's signal conditioners. For more details, call ENDEVCO, San Juan Capistrano, CA. (949) 493-8181.

Company: ENDEVCO

Product URL: Click here for more information

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