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PIII PC/TV/Video Player Measures Only 2.5" Thin

Packing features comparable to a full-sized desktop PC, the Cassius all-in-one Pentium III PC features a TV, FM radio, DVD player, and complete PC in a 2.5" thin package. Built around a steel frame, the unit can withstand harsh industrial environments while maintaining an attractive design. Features include a high-contrast LCD with a 15.1", diagonal, viewing area.In addition, the system provides six-channel, Dolby AC3 encoded surround-sound audio and S-video and composite video input and output ports. A TV-style, handheld remote control is also included. Available options are comprised of an IEEE 1394 interface, touchscreen, and a wide variety of mounting configurations for desktop, wall or ceiling mounting. With an 800 MHz Pentium III, 128 MB of RAM, 20 GB hard drive, LAN port, 56k modem, floppy drive, and wireless keyboard and mouse, single-unit price is $3,474. For more information, call DENSITRON CORP., Santa Fe Springs, CA. (562) 941-5000.

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