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Pipes Transmit Light To Panels

Transmitting light from pc board-mounted LEDs to display panels, Litepipes are available with three display lens shapes to produce up to 160° viewing angles. The latest super small LEDs are not suited to front panel displays, and Litepipes can provide a solution. The LPX Series Litepipes are designed for vertical and horizontal surface-mount LEDs, with physical attachment made directly to the display panel. Combining the physical attachment advantage with 81 available lengths, designers can position the board almost anywhere within a chassis and maintain a means of taking the LED light to the front panel. The display lenses of the Litepipes is designed as low-profile with Fresnel rings in styles of round, square and rectangular. The light receiving end of the Litepipe has a concave surface designed to be positioned in front of the horizontally surface-mounted LED or directly over the top of the vertically mounted LED. The Litepipe can mix and blend LED multi-colors into a single color as light passes through. Lengths range from 0.200" to 2" in increments of 0.020". Price is $0.15 each/10,000.

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