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Pixel Processor Accelerates Complex Image Processing

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Designed to accelerate intensive image processing tasks, the Advanced Pixel Processor incorporates a unique hardware architecture that enables it to handle complex image processing tasks that would otherwise require dividing the workload among multiple platforms or would require developing a custom solution. Offered as an expansion of the company's Pixel Processor board, the new board also features 800,000 gates within the processor's core.
In addition, a new Bayer filter function allows images to be processed in real-time from popular Bayer filter-based cameras. The board can be programmed to support an extremely wide range of pre-processing or co-processing operations. Real-time color decoding can be performed at the rate of 30 frame/s and pixel data rates are up to 200 MB/s.
The Advanced Pixel Processor is available 15 days ARO and is priced at $2,500.

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