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Plastic PCB Enclosures Sport Squared-Edge Design

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Offering a contemporary and ergonomic squared-edge design, the Meditec series of enclosures includes mounting pillars for fitting standard Eurocard-size pc boards of up to 233.4 mm x 220 mm, as well as custom-sized boards. The units consist of two L-shaped shells assembled by hidden screws. Snap-on side trims come with or without ventilation slots. Trims hide the fixing area and are available in either off-white or lagoon green (a popular medical color).Three sizes are offered: 11.4” x 10.2”, 11.4” x 7.9” and 6.3” x 10.2”. Accessory side panels increase the case height from 2.9” to 4.9”. Molded front panels are available for each size. The cases are supplied with four non-slip feet. Two accessory kits are also available for stacking and wall mounting applications.

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