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Platform Slashes Linux Embedded System Development Time

Integrating the firm's hardware and firmware with MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux RTOS, the Linux Planet platform is designed to dramatically shorten the time required to develop embedded systems. The platform's computing power derives from the firm's RPX Lite CPU engine powered by a PowerPC MPC823 microprocessor and an I/O expansion module, with the board and module linked together via the RPX Bus. The bus consists of two standard 120-pin connectors that provide access to both the PowerPC core and the Communications Processor Module.
In addition to the PowerPC µP, the RPX Lite card has a 10-Mbps Ethernet port, PCMCIA slot, RS-232 interface, and an on-board ambient temperature sensor. The I/O module offers an MP3 performance-capable Codec, video out for NTSC/s-video, multiple serial ports, IrDA, and connections for the platform's 12-bit VGA-resolution LCD with touch-screen. And Hard Hat Linux includes cross and native development toolkits for PowerPC, x86/Pentium, and other processors. A quick-start guide, Linux kernel configuration, scaling tools, device drivers, and sample code for the RPX also is included. Linux Planet costs $5995 with a six-month subscription to Hard Hat Linux. RPX Lite is priced at $199 each/1000 and the multimedia I/O module costs $99 each/1000.


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