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PLCC Plugs Are Available As Complete Assemblies

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New PLCC plugs are now available as complete assemblies, simplifying the connection between the pc board under test or development and external systems such as logic analyzers and emulators. The plugs can be supplied with any length of ribbon cable attached, and the customer can specify either what connector is to be terminated on the other end or have it left open ended. The plug end terminations are shrink-wrapped, making this a rugged device and providing long life. The plugs are manufactured from 30% glass filled PBT, and the contacts are machined from square brass wire, thereby ensuring controlled tolerances. The dimensions of the end product meet the requirements as laid down by JEDEC for a PLCC integrated circuit. This eliminates the risk of stressing the PLCC socket into which it is plugged. The contacts are gold plated over a hard nickel undercoating for lasting wear. There are seven sizes available for the new PLCC Plugs: 20, 28, 32, 44, 52, 68 and 84. Price for one-piece, 32-way plug assembly (P/N W9352SF) is $79.00. Delivery for most orders is just two to three days.

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