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PLL Clock Generators Seek Embedded Communications Apps

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Compact footprints, multiple pin-out options and the ability to generate common frequencies make this new family of 1- and 2-PLL standard timing devices well suited for dependable clock management in fixed-frequency systems, including video systems. The timing devices can be quickly customized and are targeted at a broad range of embedded communications applications. They are intended for products such as digital cameras, computer peripherals, printers, LANs, and Gigabit Ethernet hubs. Each device in the family uses an on-board crystal oscillator to generate a reference frequency, which is used by the PLLs to generate precision output frequency ratios. The crystal oscillator is suitable for any fundamental-mode crystals in the 5-MHz to 30-MHz range. Both 3.3V and 5.0V versions are available for most models. Pricing starts at $1.04 each/10,000.

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