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Plug-And-Play PC/104 Module Tackles Embedded Communications Assignments

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Combining an NE2000-compatible Ethernet interface, two deep-FIFO (16550) serial ports, and a choice of an enhanced parallel port or floppy disk drive interface on a standard 3.6" x 3.78" PC/104 adapter board, NSP-104 works seamlessly with any system supporting the plug-and-play standard in BIOS or the operating system. The network interface is NE2000 compatible and provides 10BaseT and AUI interfaces, and an optional network boot ROM is available. The serial ports support the full RS-232 standard and full and half-duplex RS-485. The parallel ports can be used as a standard parallel port (SPP), extended mode port (bidirectional), enhanced parallel port (EPP), or extended capabilities port (ECP). A floppy disk drive interface is available as an alternative to the parallel port interface when selected by a jumper strap.

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