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Plug-In I/O Connectors Simplify Prototyping Process

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These new plug-in I/O connectors and power jacks are designed to ease the addition of I/O interconnects to prototype boards. They allow users to plug in, connect and solder a variety of connectors and jacks on to any Vector-type protoboard. Available adapters include BNC connectors and RJ-11, RJ-45, DB-25, -15, and -9 male, female, right-angled and straight adapters. Twin bantam, 2.5-mm barrel power, and five-pin DIN audio and power jacks are also available. All adapters are mounted on a circuit board with all leads connected to individual mounting pins, spaced 0.1" on the centers and having a 0.03" diameter. The mounting pins include test and solder points on both sides of the board. The connectors and power jacks are priced at $25 each and a kit containing nine different adapters costs $199. DSP GLOBAL INC., Warwick, RI. (800) 437-3282.

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