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Plug-In Tools Help Slash Development Time For C6000 DSP Systems

Designed for TI's Code Composer Studio (CCS) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Virtuoso DSP RTOS plug-ins allow both in-process and stand-alone versions of Virtuoso single- or multi-processor RTOS applications to be developed, loaded, run and served within the CCS framework--the four-layer, microkernel-based Virtuoso offers code size as small as 2K to 3K instructions and context switching as fast as 200 ns on a 200-MHz C6200 DSP. Virtuoso's Virtual Single Processor (VSP) programming model allows application code to be written for a single processor system and then distributed across multiple processors without changing the code. Virtuoso eliminates memory fragmentation by allowing system memory to be allocated to a common pool. The firm is also introducing Netlink Driver Development kit for use in porting VSP to TMS320C6000-based boards having multiple processors. The integration of CCS, a comprehensive DSP development environment, with Virtuoso's GUI-based development and debugging environment is said to allow much more abstraction from the underlying hardware and to significantly reduce development cycles.

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