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Pluggable Parallel Optics Modules Tout Space Savings

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Measuring just 54 x 18 x 8.4 mm, the new ParaLink-P pluggable parallel optics modules reportedly offer a six-fold space savings over small form factor (SFF) and other optoelectronic modules. The pluggable 12-channel parallel module is designed for high-speed, high-density optical data transfer applications, such as optical cross connect switches and terabit routers. The modules plug into a 10 x 10 BGA socket previously mounted on the motherboard, allowing for more flexible final assembly, test and repair processes. The ParaLink-P devices come in separate 12-channel transmitter and receiver modules. The transmitter is based on a VCSEL array with monitor feedback providing constant optical output over the transmitter’s lifetime. The receiver has a highly sensitive GaAs PIN photodetector array. Currently, the devices operate up to 2.7 Gbps per channel for a total data throughput of up to 32.4 Gbps over 200 meters on 62.5 mm core multimode fiber. Prices start at less than $1,000 per transmitter/receiver pair. MOLEX FIBER OPTICS, Downers Grove, IL. (800) 213-4237.

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