Electronic Design

Pluggable PCB Headers Offer High Contact Density

The company’s 3.5-mm pitch, pluggable printed circuit board (PCB) terminals feature an extremely high density design. Two-tier and three-tier headers are available in 2 to 16 pole designs per tier, in straight or angled versions, with or without latching flanges for mating connectors. The three-tier version, wiecon 8513 SDGN, features a maximum of 48 poles for the connection of 1.5 mm² wires. The two-tier terminal blocks, wiecon 8513 SEGN, provide up to 32 poles. The wiecon 8513 BS mating plug connectors are equipped with push-in technology for quick wiring without tools. WIELAND ELECTRIC, Burgaw, NC. (800) 943-5263.

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