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PMC Analyzer/Exerciser Touts 66-MHz/64-Bit Capability

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The TA700 series of bus analyzer/exerciser boards lay claim to several industry firsts. For example, the TA700 is said to be the only single-board PCI mezzanine card (PMC) analyzer/exerciser available, as well as the first to offer 66 MHz and 64-bit capability. The board comes with an advanced GUI software package and provides full control over bus manipulation. Users can perform automated PCI device compliance test and verification, done in accordance with the PCISIG component configuration checklist. All boards in the series provide two modes of operation. In easy mode, pre-defined setups allow users to instantly debug and analyze software and hardware problems. In advanced mode, user-defined setups provide more control of the card functions for debugging more complex hardware and software problems. The TA700P, the first board in the series, is available for use with PCI, PCI-X, cPCI and PMC. Single-unit price is $9,800.

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