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PMC Compute Nodes Provide Robust FPGA Resources

Pairing Micro Memory’s CoSine with the largest Xilinx V-4 FPGAs on a PMC form factor, the MM-7105, MM-7110, and MM-7115 FPGA PMC compute nodes claim a number of significant industry firsts. These include over 89K FPGA slices with certain configurations exceeding 156K slices and over 600 Xtreme DSP slices. The MM-7105 employs a V-4 LX200 FPGA, while the MM-7110 pairs an LX200 with a SX55. For more processing, the MM-7115 teams the LX200 with a LX160. Each card is available in convection- and conduction-cooled models. The MM-71xx PMCs are compatible with PowerPC and x86 single-board computers, Altivec DSP boards, a/d converters, graphic engines, or any carrier that has a PMC site. Single-unit price is $16,000. MICRO MEMORY, Chatsworth, CA. (818) 998-0070.


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