Electronic Design

PMC + SBC = Serial RapidIO Fabric Solution

With the PMC-RIO serial RapidIO switch-fabric PCI mezzanine card (PMC), Thales Computers' Power-Node3 dual 1-GHz PowerPC 74587 single-board computer (SBC) can connect to a Serial RapidIO fabric.

The quad 400-Mbyte/s port PMC-RIO has an aggregate sustained throughput of 1.6 Gbytes/s (see the figure). The rugged, 6U VME PowerNode3 board has VME 2eSST (150 Mbytes/s) capability, 512 Mbytes of RAM, and 32 Mbytes of flash. Board support is provided for LynuxWorks Lynx 4.0 and Wind River VxWorks.

The SBC and PMC combination is priced at $10,200.


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