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PMC Subsystem Delivers I/O To RACE++

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Expanding the company's MIDAS family PMC I/O subsystems, the PowerMIDAS is a high performance PMC I/O subsystem for RACE++, an enhancement of the original ANSI standard RACEway interconnect. Offering a choice of single or dual PowerPC or i960 RN processors, the board provides two separate 64-bit PCI buses, each with its own 267-MB/s interface to the RACE++ crossbar network. Total I/O bandwidth is up to 533 MB/s.
The board also includes two PMC modules with an architecture that is said to be optimized for high bandwidth I/O applications. Supported modules include Fibre Channel, parallel I/O, and video. Pricing starts at $8,490 with a delivery time of 12 weeks ARO.

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