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PMC Targets Industrial, Medical, COTS, ROTS Uses

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Based on firm's standalone VMEbus graphics cards, this PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) is well-suited for VMEbus and CompactPCI embedded applications. Using an on-board CPU, VCL-M board combines high performance with a flexible graphics interface that can cover a wide range of 8-bit display applications with hardware accelerated drawing features such as VBLT and VFILL. And its on-board 2-channel DMA helps it achieve writing speeds up to 160 Mpixels/s. Board-resident software relieves the host CPU from expending resources on the function and only a small host-resident program is needed to link VCL-M to the host. And PX Windows extensions support overlay and primary screens, multiple input devices, direct frame buffer access, and a fast vector list. In addition, CLP, the firm's color graphic subroutine library, offers a comprehensive set of low-level graphics building blocks.

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