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Polyethylene Wrap Resists Sunlight And Oils

A new UV-resistant polyethylene cable wrap has been spirally cut for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and fuel lines on boats with outboard motors. Heli-Tube cable wraps around wires to keep them neat and protected from abrasion without sacrificing flexibility and is unaffected by sunlight, saltwater, fuels, oils and detergents. Simple to install by hand, Heli-Tube cable wrap permits the breakout of various components and eliminates the need for heat shrinkable tubing and tape. Designed in sizes from 1/8" to 1.5" O.D. for wrapping bundles up to 10" O.D., Heli-Tube complies with a variety of federal and military specifications with regard to abrasion resistance. Pricing starts at $0.03/ft. M.M. NEWMAN CORP., Marblehead, MA. (800) 777-6309.


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