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Polymer-Based BGA Socket Squelches Disturbances

Compression contact technology used in the Matrix series ball grid array (BGA) socket eliminates any electrical disturbance that traditional contacts can cause. The Matrix interconnect, which employs an MPI polymer material, can do the job without the need to directly solder the BGA to the board. Sockets are available in standard pitches of 1.27, 1.00, and 0.80 mm. Socket configurations are fully populated arrays with sizes ranging from 10 by 10 to 60 by 60, yielding up to 3600 contacts in a single array. Custom arrays are also available. All accept standard JEDEC solderball sizes. The part's corner frame design allows for easy gross alignment of the BGA package to the MPI polymer material contact. Full-array stops center the solderball to the contact and provide anti-overstress protection. Pricing for a 2500-position socket is $150 in 25-piece quantities.

Tyco Electronics
www.tycoelectronics.com; (800) 522-6752

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