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Popular Comm Architecture Proliferates

Building on the PowerQUICC communication architecture are several new devices that include three power management devices, a clock IC, and two Gigabit Ethernet transceivers. The MC33701, MC33702, and MC33703 power managers are optimized, respectively, for the PowerQUICC I, II and III processor families. They provide decentralized power supply functionality that matches each processor’s specifications for low voltage and high current from a local source. Designed for the PowerQUICC III processor, the MPC9850 clock is a PLL-based device that generates a microprocessor input clock for a range of frequencies and offers two differential LVDS outputs for a RapidIO interface. It supports clock speeds up to 500 MHz, programmable output frequencies from 16 MHz to 250 MHz, and can be driven from a single 25 MHz crystal or a 25/33 MHz reference frequency to generate eight LVCMOS output clocks. The MC92603 quad and MC92604 dual Gigabit Ethernet transceivers can transmit data across a board, through a backplane, or through cabling, or used to provide an interface to GBIC/SFP modules. Both are configurable as 1.25 Gb backplane SerDes devices or as GMII, RGMII or TBI PHYs for Ethernet 1000Base-X applications. Depending on the device, prices for the power managers range from $3.36 to $6.39 each/10,000. The MPC9850 is priced at $7.83 and the MC92603 and MC92604 cost $20.50 and $13, respectively, each/10,000. MOTOROLA INC., Tempe, AZ. (512) 933-7753.


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