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Popular DC Brushless Motor Loses Weight

The AXH motor has been reduced in volume by 55% compared to equivalent ac induction speed control motors and its mating board-level drivers provide the necessary electrical power with a 60% reduction in driver volume. The AXH Series motor and driver package provides a speed regulation of ±1% maximum over a 25:1 speed range, 100 rpm to 2,500 rpm.
Model AXH230K-A features a 30W, round-shaft motor and achieves a constant torque of 16.9 oz-in over its full speed range. The 50-W AXH450K-A delivers a constant torque of 28.3 oz-in. The AXH230K and AXH450K provide torques of 53.1 lb-in and 141.6 lb-in, respectively.


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