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Popular Frame Grabber Now Available for cPCI

The Meteor-II/Multi-Channel frame grabber is now available in a 3U CompactPCI version. Suitable for use in harsh environments, the board is designed to capture from analog interlaced or progressive-scan component RGB, two-channel, double-speed analog progressive-scan cameras, or multiple standard (RS-170/CCIR) monochrome cameras. Hardware trigger support is available for use in machine-vision applications requiring synchronization to external events. The board provides a sustained data transfer rate up to 130 MB/s, sampling rates up to 30 MHz, three 256 x 8-bit LUTs, connection to up to two RGB or up to six monochrome sources, and a PCI-bus master. Price is $1,045. MATROX IMAGING, Quebec, Canada. (514) 685-2630.

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