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Popular MCU Series Adds Comm-Centric Members

Expanding the H8S series 16-bit MCUs, the H8S/2164 and H8S/2153 seek employment in servers and advanced communication equipment. The H8S/2164 debuts as a second-generation device aimed at baseboard management controller applications while the H8S/2153 targets communications equipment such as ATCA, mTCA, and AMC management controllers. Both MCUs employ an H8S CPU core and combine up to 34 MIPS performance with memory and peripheral functions. The 3.3V H8S/2164 integrates a 34-MHz CPU core, multiply-accumulate function, 40 KB of RAM, and 512 KB of flash memory. Peripherals include a 16550-compatible UART with a snoop option that allows connections to a various external peripherals. Other functions include an eight-channel, 10-bit ADC, 16-channel event counter, data transfer controller, bus-state controller, eight- and 16-bit timers, and a watchdog timer. Addressing low-cost communication equipment, the 3.3V, 25-MHz H8S/2153 provides 40 KB of RAM and 512 KB of flash memory. On-chip functions include an eight-channel, 10-bit ADC, eight-channel event counter, data transfer controller, and timers. Sample price for either the H8S/2164 or H8S/2153 is $15. RENESAS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 382-7407.


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