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Popular PC Scope App Adds Features

For users of PicoScope 6 software, recent additions allow the application to display mathematical functions of input signals alongside the original inputs. To add a math channel, users click a button and a wizard guides them through the process. They can select one of the built-in functions, such as inversion or addition, or create a unique function with the equation editor. Support is on tap for all standard arithmetic, exponential, and trigonometric functions and the entire process is controllable via a mouse or keyboard. The software displays an unlimited number of waveforms and up to eight waveforms in one view. Another added feature, input filtering, allows users to apply a digital low-pass filter with adjustable cut-off frequency to each input channel. Users of PicoScope 6 can download PicoScope 6.2.0 free of charge from the company’s website. PICO TECHNOLOGY LTD., Cambridgeshire, UK, +44 (0)1480 396395.


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