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Electronic Design

Populated LED Assemblies Use Cost-Saving Technology

Populated LED assemblies are now available from the TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Div. The assemblies employ IRC's Anotherm technology. Anotherm substrates use an insulation system consisting of a thin layer of anodized aluminum oxide that is chemically grown on the aluminum core. This produces a dielectric layer approximately 0.0014-in. thick, which provides an inorganic insulation that is not affected by temperature or chemical exposure. The result is the ability to operate in temperatures up to 175°C. Maximum operating voltage is 250 V ac, and thermal impedance is characterized at 0.02°C/W. The substrate material allows engineers to mount visible LEDs and other components directly to it, eliminating the need for heatsinks and mounting hardware, and their associated assembly costs. The devices can be developed with up to three layers of circuit on a single Anotherm board. The company will develop prototypes of the populated LED assemblies in about six weeks. Prices and lead time vary for the custom assemblies. For more information, go to

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