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POS System Is Highly Integrated And PC Compatible

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The company's point-of-sale (POS) system is comprised of a highly integrated, PC-compatible computer with a LCD, touch-screen. The system operates on all PC-compatible software and is configured with one of the company's highly integrated single-board computers (SBC), either the POS51 or POS61. Using either of these SBCs is said to minimize the number of interconnects and to improve system reliability. Features of the system include a small compact chassis, 10.4" to 18" LCD, ELO resistive touchscreen, two 3.5" peripheral bays, one PCI slot, and one ISA/PCI slot. Processor options include Intel Pentium III, Pentium or Celeron CPUs. A base system configured with a POS51, a Pentium processor, and a 10.4" LCD starts at under $2,000 in OEM quantities. Systems using the POS61, Pentium III CPU, and a 12.8" LCD start at under $2,500.

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