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Power Amplifier Reduces Board Space Requirements

Housed in a very small, industry standard TO-220 package, the PA35 is a monolithic 1.7A power amplifier configured with a voltage follower to generate up to 3.4A of output current. The device operates on 5V to 40V single supplies and ±2.5V to ±20V split supplies. An extended common mode range includes the negative rail (ground), which facilitates single-supply applications. Concurrently, the company is introducing the PA34, which uses the same monolithic die in a TO-220 package, but internally the device is configured as a 2.5A power amplifier with current sense and VBOOST. The latter features are not available in the PA35 due to pin constraints. Both devices are said to be ideal as high-current drivers for single-supply, 12V and 28V motor applications. For either model, price is $5.75 each/100. APEX MICROTECHNOLOGY CORP., Tucson, AZ. (520) 690-8600.


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