Electronic Design

Power: Buck Regulators Pack Everything But The Inductor Into 3 By 3 mm

In lieu of LDOs for space-limited applications that also require design simplicity, a pair of 1.5-A synchronous buck regulators with integrated MOSFETs can shrink board-space requirements by up to 40% compared to designs that use either linear or nonsynchronous regulators. Housed in lead-free, six-terminal 3- by 3-mm MLPs, the FAN2011 and FAN2012 operate at 1.3 MHz and provide up to 95% efficiency. Output is adjustable from 0.8 V to VIN. The FAN2011 is always "on," while the FAN2012 has an enable pin for power-management schemes. In quantities of 1000, unit pricing for the FAN2011 and FAN2012 is $0.74 and $0.79, respectively.

Fairchild Semiconductor

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