Electronic Design

Power Cells Are Safe And Cheap

Described as inherently safe, low-cost solid-state batteries, THINERGY MEC200-Series micro-energy cells (MECs) feature a patented flex circuit encapsulation with an insulating layer on the top side of the cell for short-circuit protection. The positive and negative terminals are on the same edge of the cell, making them easier to stack and solder to a rigid or flex printed circuit board. Initial members of the family include four standard devices. The THINERGY MEC225, MEC220, and MEC201 with capacity options up to 0.13 mAh, 0.4 mAh, and 1.0 mAh, respectively, are available now. The MEC202 with a capacity of up to 2.5 mAh will be available in early 2012. INFINITE POWER SOLUTIONS INC., Littleton, CO. (303) 749-4744.

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