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Power Controller Takes On Diagnostic Duties

Claimed as a first of its kind, the PS-2607 power-system controller integrates an embedded fault log capable of recording the last 14 power-system faults via on-board EEPROM. The fault log identifies the precise cause of failures during design or field failure analysis. The controller itself is a 48-pin QFP device that provides digitally configurable power management for up to six non-isolated dc/dc converters and an intermediate bus. Employing the company's PowerCenter Designer software, users can configure the controller to handle interlocked power-rail sequencing for startup and shutdown and to set trim values, over-voltage and under-voltage warnings, and fault thresholds for each power rail. Other features of the controller include support for any variety and combination of dc/dc converters, an I2C interface, and a unique PI-Link communications interface. Price is $6 each/10,000. POTENTIA SEMICONDUCTOR, Ontario, Canada. (613) 592-0027.


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