Electronic Design

Power-Entry Modules Offer Maximum Functionality, Minimal Dimensions

Schurter Inc. has added the DD11 and DD12 power-entry modules as an extension to their existing snap-in and pc-board-mount counterparts. The new devices include a mounting flange that allows screw-mounting to the panel. The DD series provides up to four functions squeezed into a 49- by 30-mm package. In accordance with IEC 60320-1, style C14 or C18, the inlet portion of the unit integrates a fuse holder, switch, and optional standard or medical EMC filter.

The fuse drawers are either 1- or 2-pole and accept 5- by 20-mm fuses. An extra safety feature prevents users from removing the fuse drawer while the power cord is plugged into the equipment. The medical filter limits leakage current to 5 or 80 µA. The M80 version provides increased attenuation of EMI, but still meets the leakage requirements for non-patient-contact devices. The 2-pole switch offers an in-rush current peak of 100 A capacitive for 3 ms and comes in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

The series is rated for current up to 8 A at 125 V ac, 60 Hz by UL/CSA and 10 A at 250 V ac, 50 Hz by IEC/EN. The compact design is suitable for use in low-profile devices, especially 1RU enclosures for 19-in racks. Delivery is stock to six weeks. Pricing for the unfiltered version starts at $5.34 in quantities of 100. To learn more, checkout www.schurter.com.

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