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Power FETs Reside In TO-264s

Built using Power MOS V technology to provide lower on-resistance than Power MOS IV technology, these 362 x 515-mil chips fit into TO-264 packages that are only 50% larger than TO-247 packages while holding chips that are 66% larger. In addition, on-resistance is as much as 134% below that of devices of the same voltage in TO-247 packages, which, when coupled with a package dissipation spec of 520W, should enable these new power FETs to replace paralleled TO-247 devices. The lead spacing of the TO-264 is the same as a TO-247, so boards need not change to use the higher-power parts. The TO-264 devices come in breakdown voltages from 100V to 600V in 100V steps and from 600V to 1200V in 200V steps. On-resistance is 11, 22, 40, 70, 100, 150, 300, 500 and 800 milliohms, respectively. All devices have a single-pulse avalanche rating of 2500 mJ.


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